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Written by April Fajardo and Jen Gigliotti

As a new grad PT or PTA, what makes you tick? What motivates you to get up every morning to go to work? For us, it’s been the insatiable desire to help others. It’s the feeling knowing that every day is an opportunity to improve someone’s quality of life. We get to wipe the tears of joy when a patient walks for the first time after a stroke. We get to celebrate with the patient who is pain-free and able to play with her kids after having chronic pain for years.

Our profession naturally places us at the forefront of service in healthcare.
 Now imagine that impact on a global scale on the same exact day. Just imagine.

How It All Began

It all began on a starry night on the Amazon River when Efosa Guobadia was captivated by a crazy idea. WhPTDOS2at if, on the same day, clinicians, students and associated staff of the Physical Therapy profession volunteered in different communities on the same day around the world? What if, we then shared those moments and acts in a way that was galvanizing, inspiring, and promoted connections all over the world? What if!? He couldn’t shake it off and quickly e-mailed his dear friend and colleague, Josh D’Angelo. Without hesitation, Josh thought ‘Let’s really do this. Let’s shoot for the stars.’

The idea evolved into a global movement driven by ten passionate volunteers. Participants come from 49 states, 25 countries, 40+ sponsors, and over 1,000 domestic and international pledges dedicated to transform society. Since the development of this initiative, we have had the chance to engage our communities about servant leadership and civic responsibility. We have had the chance to convert compassion into action. The impact of this initiative is greater than anything we could have envisioned for ourselves. To our knowledge, this is the first global Day of Service coordinated by a whole profession!

Know anyone who would want to be an ambassador from Vermont so we can make it a perfect 50/50 states?

Can New Grads Make an Impact?

As new grad PT’s & PTA’s, the opportunity is NOW. Let’s take the extra steps to find out what truly makes us tick within this profession, and to turn our compassion into action.

The overarching commonality we all share as physical therapists is the innate desire and passion to serve others, not only in our vocation, but in our everyday lives.

A global initiative like Physical Therapy Day of Service gives us the chance to do just that: to lead alongside our colleagues around the world while reaching out to serve our local communities. NOW is the time to make a difference in your community and your profession by helping this international movement!


Connect With PTDOS

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Don’t forget to use #PTDOS (for anything related to PT Day of Service) & #PTServes (to discover what everyone else is doing for their service project) on our Facebook & Twitter pages. If you have any questions, please e-mail us at

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About PT Day of Service

A group of PT's inspired to create an international movement of clinicians that turn compassion into action through community service.

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  1. Received word from the PTDOS team that they recently received an ambassador from Vermont, so that makes it a perfect 50/50. Nice job everyone.

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