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Audio Education – Arterial Blood supply part 2

Part 2 of the arterial blood supply containing tips and tricks to remember everything you need to know! If you have not yet listened to Part 1, start there, and then follow with this audio.

Happy studies!

Arterial Blood Supply – Part 2

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Want us to create more audio education? Leave us a comment below! If there’s enough interest we will take the time to create more for you :). Happy listening.

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Brett Kestenbaum
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  1. Jessica fehlman

    I love the audio series, but I can’t access to UE innervation part 1 or part 2, and same thing with LE innervation. How can access those?

  2. Jeffrey Jue

    This is great info to help review in a basic digestible format that connects the dots versus looking it up in a textbook and digging through the material. Keep it up

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