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Physical Therapy Audio Education Series Part 1: Orthopedic Special Tests

Thank you for visiting the Physical Therapy Audio Education Series presented by NGPT. We hope to help you make the most of your time by providing you with education on the go! You can listen while you run, while you walk, on your daily commute to and from work, class, or to and from the gym! Optimize your study time with these resources.

We are currently developing the Audio Education Series and our goal is to develop this for YOU! please share your thoughts with us so we can present you the experience you are looking for.

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Episode 1 – Orthopedic Special Tests

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Want more audio education? Leave us a comment below. If we see enough interest, we will take the time to make more!!

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About Brett Kestenbaum

Brett Kestenbaum
As a physical therapist myself, I understand the general struggles of life after graduation, and the importance of focused attention on our patients. As vice president of New Grad Media, and Head of Growth at, I am afforded the opportunity to connect with thousands of physical therapists around the country. My goal is to improve the accessibility of information and careers for healthcare practitioners. Feel free to message me at any time! Always happy to connect.


  1. This is great! There are so many resources but most involve reading. For a student who has a long commute for clinical’s this is great to be able to increase my study time to prep for boards and clinical work! Thank you!!

    • Brett Kestenbaum

      Hi Brittany – Thanks for the kind words! We do our best to provide the most helpful resources, and learning on the go seems like a good idea :). What subject would you like to see in the future? I will place it further up the queue for being our first comment!

  2. Thanks for the content I like the format a lot! Anything audio like this will be great for students like myself coming up on final clinicals with a lot of travel time. I noticed you asked about content to cover and I thought I would mention Neuro and the conditions and areas of the brains you would expect to see certain symptoms, as this is a very difficult area. Thanks again for the content you are working on!

    • Brett Kestenbaum

      Hey Mike! Thanks for the feedback and thank you for listening! We work hard to put out the content you want. Developing the neuro content will be tricky, but we will get it done! I will have another episode ready for you tomorrow. From the survey on facebook, we will be choosing from UE and LE muscular innervations.

  3. Lojun al fadil

    This really marvelous work .. Thanx a lot very helpfull wish to see and listen more.

    • Brett Kestenbaum

      Hey there! Thanks for the kind feedback 🙂 We are glad you enjoyed it. Have you checked out the other audio on the site? We just released the arterial blood supply today! Are there specific topics you would like us to work on?

  4. Lauren Mueller

    I am super excited about these audio sessions. I can’t wait to utilize these on my long drive. I would love a topic on developmental pediatric basics. I think that would be a great session to help me prepare for the developmental section on the boards. Thank you so much!

  5. Jared Burch

    Make them available in podcast format!

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