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APTA CSM #SocialPT: Transforming Society Through Social Media

APTA CSM 2017 is almost here!

I’m excited to speak to the new grads this year! I’ll be presenting at APTA CSM 2017 and discussing the challenges that I faced after graduating from PT school, as well as the tools you can utilize to get your name out there and build foundations for your career.

I’ll be presenting with Ben Fung of UpDoc Media, Rich Severin of Physical Therapy Reviewer, and Greg Todd of Smart Success PT. Hope to see you all there!

Come see us on Friday, February 17th from 3:00-5:00 PM for #SocialPT: Transforming Society Through Social Media (HGCC, 206A • CP-2C-8658 • Cosponsor: Private Practice Section).

I’m feeling pretty nostalgic right now, so I figured I’d share some memories from APTA CSM 2016.

Was great getting to meet Miye from Therapy Exam Prep.

APTA CSM - therapyprep
Brett from NGPT and Miye from TEP


Awesome meeting Heidi Jannenga from WebPT. She is an incredible innovator and an integral part of the PT community.

NGPT and WebPT


This tech legend, Dave Purcell, developed an innovative upright walker to help his wife regain her independence.

APTA CSM - LifeWalker Upright
LifeWalker Upright


This technology ISRAELly cool! Har har, get it? It’s great for helping posture training. Review coming soon!

APTA CSM - upright posture


Enjoyed talking product development with the founders of PT Helper, a new app that helps patient compliance with HEP. Very effective and easy to use.

APTA CSM - PT Helper
PT Helper


We got to meet the team at Soul Source. If women’s health is your game, these are your people.

APTA CSM - Soul Source
Women’s Health


If you are looking to pick up patients and make some extra cash on the side, Well is the way to go!

APTA CSM - well


Got to hang with the Scripps team. It was great working at Scripps for with Meredith. That’s where we met!

APTA CSM - Scripps


Got to meet Shane over at Ekso. Inspiring guy. Happy to hear his story and keep a relationship going with him.



Had fun clowning around with the Patterson Medical team.

APTA CSM - Patterson Medical
APTA CSM - Patterson Medical 2
Patterson Team


We got to hang with the guys at Graston. It was awesome hearing their story and learning about their commitment to research, best practice, and the PT community.

APTA CSM - Graston


Spoke to the Bambach Saddle Seat guys. Their chair was quite comfortable.

APTA CSM - Bambach Saddle Seat
Bambach Saddle Seat


Met some old friends at PT Solutions booth. It was great catching up!

APTA CSM - PT Solutions
PT Solutions


Great team over at Medbridge! We’ve got a special deal with them, where you can get a subscription to their con-ed services for less than half of what you’d normally pay! Check it out!

APTA CSM - Medbridge


Learned about the new BITS balance program from Bioness. Who needs a Wii to have fun?

APTA CSM - Bioness
Bioness is a quick, inexpensive way to get physical therapy CEU credits. Great courses! Both NGPT founders are members 🙂




About Brett Kestenbaum

As a physical therapist myself, I understand the general struggles of life after graduation, and the importance of focused attention on our patients. As vice president of New Grad Media, and Head of Growth at, I am afforded the opportunity to connect with thousands of physical therapists around the country. My goal is to improve the accessibility of information and careers for healthcare practitioners. Feel free to message me at any time! Always happy to connect.

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