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Physical Therapy Websites, Blogs, Podcasts and Everything In-Between

Based on the popularity of the Twitter list post, we at NewGrad decided to follow up with a list for the other physical therapy websites, blogs, and social media platforms. Since there is so much great information out there on so many different platforms, finding good content can be difficult. We decided that a condensed list to highlight some of the best would make it easier for you to find what you need. Similar to the Twitter list, this list is adaptive. As we stated in the first edition If there is a resource missing that you feel should be included, please let us know!

Let’s Begin……


Facebook Groups

Joining a physical therapy facebook group is one of the easiest ways to stay involved and engaged in the profession, along with find more physical therapy websites and resources through all of its members. Most of us are generally on Facebook fairly regularly and joining these groups allow your time on social media more productive…or to at least justify the time you spent watching buzzfeed videos.

1) Doctor of Physical Therapy Students
This is the granddaddy of them all. Founded in 2011 by Matt DeBole PT, DPT (former SABoD President), with the goal of connecting the large number of DPT students across the country. Since then it has grown to include practicing PTs and students from other countries, totaling over 20,000 active users. Though now its members are not exclusively students, a large proportion of them are and many of the posts are more geared to topics involving that population.

2) Physical Therapy: Practice, Education and Networking
This group was founded by Rick Daigle, founder of Medical Minds in motion. This group was created with the goal of conversations among for practicing clinicians, however students are encouraged to join. One of the remarkable things about this group is that includes rehab professionals from a variety of different fields and not just physical therapists. This diverse membership has resulted in interesting debates/dicusssions and excellent inter-disciplinary networking opportunities.

3) Doctor of Physical Therapy Residents and Fellows

This group was founded by Rich Severin, PT, DPT, CCS (me) in 2014 in response to amount of questions about residencies posted in larger groups that would get buried by other posts. In this group members will find posts regarding just about anything regarding the residency and fellowship experience. In addition to residency related topics, there are often threads more geared to licensed providers. The group operates as a closed group and membership is generally intended for third year DPT students, recent grads and current/former residents and faculty; mainly to ensure more focused threads and avoid spam. However not matter the stage in your career if you’re considering a PT residency or fellowship this is great resource.

4) The Rehab Professional Exchange
This group was designed to help redirect the seemingly endless posts by members of physical therapy groups looking to buy or sell items. The group has an open membership, which has steadily increased since its creation and concurrently has become more active. Occasionally discussion threads can be found here however the group primarily operates as a free market for the exchange of goods, housing and anything else relevant to rehab professionals.


  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists 
  • Manual Therapy and Rehab 
  • Physical Therapy 

Facebook Pages [New Addition]


Barbell Rehab 

The Barbell Physio

The Prehab Guys

Brett Contreras’s Page

Pain Science 

Today in PT

Modern Manual Therapy 

Trust Me I’m a Physiotherapist 

The K9PT 

Squat University 

Will Butler- The PT Financial Planner

Clinical Athlete 

Pain Cloud 

Professional Organizations and Journals

Move Forward PT

APTA’s Home Page

World Conference for PT 

APTA Student Assembly 

PT Day of Service 

APTA Education Section 

Experimental Biology 

National Strength and Conditioning Association

American College of Sports Medicine

American Physiological Society 

American College of Radiology 


American Thoracic Society 

American Collge of Chest Physicians 

Society of Critical Care Physicians 

American Heart Association 

YouTube Channels

youtubeYoutube is an underutilized resource for PT related material. More clinicians are beginning to utilize it, which may be due to the improved live stream functionality and integration with other social media platforms. We also recommend all clinicians link their youtube page to their physical therapy website to ensure people can find your amazing videos. However, there are a few channels that have been ahead of the curve and regularly produce great content.

1) Chris Johnson “Zeren PT” 

If you’ve ever searched for return to running exercises, it is likely you’ve watched a Chris Johnson video. His channel contains an impressive library content which he updates frequently. I still don’t know how his movements are so precise without any facial expression.

2) Erson Religioso “The Manual Therapist” 

Similar to Chris Johnson and return to running, if you’ve ever looked up a manual therapy technique or MDT reset you’ve likely watched a video by Dr. Religioso. His channel is an amazing resource for conventional and novel approaches. As always Erson keeps things “eclectic”, yet incredibly effective.

3) Mike Reinold 

When you ask most DPT students and NewGrads who their top influence is after Robin McKenzie, Maitland and their professors Mike Reinold usually tops that list. This comes as no surprise, he has been producing great content with online access for almost a decade which continues to develop as technology evolves to meet the needs of his followers.


Most American based physical therapists are generally less familiar with ASPETAR as it’s an institution based in Qatar. However APSETAR one of the global leaders in orthopedic rehabilitation and sports medicine and its youtube channel is loaded with great content.


  • Eric Cressey 
  • APTAvideo
  • British Journal of Sports Medicine 
  • BMJ Heart
  • NOI Group 
  • Entuk (Vestibular Content)
  • Strength Rebels

Physical Therapy Websites and Blogs

blog-icon-200Physical therapy websites and blogs offer great perspectives on a variety of topics involving rehabilitation and also serve as an effective way to consume summary findings of the most current research. The research summaries can be particularly useful for those with limited access to scientific journals; especially consider that the majority of blogs are FREE!!! It’s generally recommended to follow a number of blogs to keep your “feeds” regularly updated as most authors don’t post daily. Additionally, each blog offers a perspective unique to the authors and well-informed decisions warrant multiple well-supported perspectives.

Here is a list of the best physical therapy websites and blogs out there.


1) Greg Lehman’s Blog

physical therapy website lehman

Greg Lehman is another familiar name on physical therapy social media. He has an interesting perspective on clinical problems considering that he is both a physical therapist and chiropractor who has also studied under some of the world leaders in spinal biomechanics. His physical therapy website offers well-reasoned thoughts and opinions and simple yet practical explanations to complex topics.

2) Better Movement

physical therapy website bettermvmt Todd Hargrove’s blog is an excellent resource for content related to orthopedics and pain science. His physical therapy website has continued to remain highly regarded by many in the field, which comes as no surprise given the excellent content. Worth a follow indeed.

3) Snyder Physical Therapy

SnyderFormerly, this site created by John Synder PT, DPT CSCS in 2012 is one of the better blogs for orthopedics, sports medicine and strength and conditioning. His site not only offers content for clinicians but patients as well. The functional testing and clinical prediction rule library are great tools for the clinic. The layout for is flawless and the blog has received multiple awards from Therapydia 

physiological PT

4) Physio-logical PT [New Addition]

This blog is the creation of Kenny Venere PT, DPT with the aim of improving scientific literacy, engagement in evidence-based practice and promote awareness of how various biases and heuristics impact our decision making and beliefs in physical therapy practice. His posts have sparked countless insightful discussions and this is absolutely worth a follow.

5) PTThinkTank

physical therapy website: ptthinkFounded by Eric Robertson PT, DPT, OCS, FAAOMPT in 2006 ptthinktank has grown into one of the more influential online resources in the field. The contributors are diverse and the content they cover encompasses the full spectrum of physical therapy. In addition to their many excellent contributions, they are also the brains behind the weekly #DPTStudent tweet chats, which they archive on their site. From both student to seasoned clinician this is a definitely a blog to follow.


6) Jarod Hall’s Blog [New Addition]

Jarod Hall

“Evidence Informed Physical Therapy” is devoted to challenging the status quo of everyday physical therapy treatment and has a strong focus on new grads and developing clinicians. It covers topics including pain science, manual therapy, orthopedics, the patient-clinician relationship, and common myths in physical therapy. Articles provide well-supported arguments, challenge current thoughts processes, and simplify complex topics.

Other great physical therapy websites:

  • Ben Fung’s Blog
  • PTReviewer
  • Scot Morrison’s Blog
  • The Manual Therapist
  • The Sports Physio
  • Mike Reinold’s Blog
  • Pain-Ed
  • AAOMPT Student SIG
  • The Student Physical Therapist 
  • APTA Blog


PodcastSimilar to blogs podcasts are a great way to consume summary findings of research and perspectives from experienced clinicians and researchers. The added benefit of following podcasts is that they are in an audio format, thus one is able to consume content while performing other activities such as working out, documentation and driving. The list here includes some of the better ones, all of which are FREE!!!

1) PTPodcast
Hosted by Erik Meira with contributions from leaders in the field (many of which listed in this list) PTPodcast is hands down one of the most popular and well respected sites for podcasts. The site has several other podcasts under the primary site; with PTInquest being the more frequently updated.

2) PhysioEdge
Created by Australian Physio David Pope, Physioedge is one the leaders in providing physicaltherapy related content. The site includes interviews with world-leading clinicians and researchers as well as great a blog. The site is updated regularly and often will feature video content in addition to audio.

3) Healthy Wealthy Smart
The healthy wealthy and smart podcast was created by Karen Litzy covers a variety of topics involving physical therapy practice. As and added benefit Karen is also a private practice owner with a keen business sense and disseminates great information on how to make a practice successful.

4) Therapy Insiders

Over the past year Therapy Insiders has steadily climbed the ranks of influential podcasts and not only for physical therapy. This past April they were ranked in the top 20 out of all Science and Medicine Podcasts on iTunes. With the roster they have interviewed over the past year this comes as no surprise. Looking forward to more excellent interviews from them in the next year.

5) BJSM Podcast
The British Journal of Sports Medicine one of the most cited and prestigious sports medicine journals, is also hosts one the of most popular rehab podcasts with over 600,000 listens for their library of over 200 podcasts. BJSM invites global leaders across multiple disciplines for interviews, thus the quality of content is always excellent. You can also access BJSM podcasts via their free mobile app (Android and iOS).

6) EIM Podcast [New Addition]


  • APTA Podcast
  • PT Pintcast
  • The Gait Guys
  • PhysioMatters
  • Jared Carter’s Podcast (Private Practice PT)

Multiple-Media Platform / Physical Therapy Websites (Hybrids)


The last category in this list is more of a hybrid which appears to be the next evolution in professional social media platforms. These sites utilize a mixture of podcasts, videos, blogs, tweets and facebook posts to deliver content, however, they also incorporate separate social network contained within the site. These websites offer a fully integrated experience in addition to outstanding content produced by teams of experts. There are only a few of these currently for physical therapy related content it’s likely that these sites will be more common in the future.

new gradNewGrad PT NewGrad was designed to help student and new graduate physical therapists and physical therapy assistants by providing tools and resources focused around career success. From studying and applying to the boards, to finance and career paths, NewGrad has all the information you need for success in your career.



updocUPDoc Media UpDoc Media exists to deliver the latest business-focused content via blog, podcasts and video mediums, so that the next generation of physical therapists are empowered to drive the profession forward. Their most popular blog posts include our state-by-state PT salary infographic, strategies to attract & retain top talent, and new grad career strategies for physical therapists.


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