The Annual Physical Therapist Content Competition


Here at NGPT we are extremely passionate about awesome content, but even more so about supporting new graduate physical therapists. We’ve decided to run a physical therapist content competition, once per year, where the top physical therapists in the profession can compete to create the best resource for other PTs.

The contest works like this:

  1. Participants will create an online content resource that other PTs can benefit from.
  2. The content resources are then submitted to the judges who will choose the best content resource as the winner.
  3. The winner receives a $300 cash prize, a featured article about them on the NGPT homepage, and an email blast to our entire fan base.

Your chances of winning? Pretty high!

Let’s do some math.

  • We have about 4,000 subscribers on our email list
  • Our average click rate is about 10%
  • That means about 400 people will click the link
  • Probably around 5% of those who click will participate and create a resource
  • That means only about 20 people will try their hand in the contest
  • That means only 0.5% of our users will take part in the contest

Your chance of winning? Pretty high!

Ideas for resources

  1. Spreadsheets
  2. Excel calculators
  3. Clinical pocket guides
  4. Atlases
  5. Walkthrough guides
  6. Pictures guides
  7. Video series
  8. Wiki’s

Examples of resources

  1. Ultimate Guide to Physical Therapy Certifications
  2. Must Have Financial Calculator for Physical Therapists
  3. Setting Fees at Your Optometry Practice – Free Spreadsheet Included

How to participate

  1. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page to register for the contest
  2. Our team will then reach out to you immediately to lend a hand
  3. Think about the resource you want to create
  4. Go ahead and create it

Some simple notes to keep in mind

  1. If you don’t win, we will still publish your resource because you deserve to get recognized for your effort. We will also include it in the monthly newsletter and make sure you receive all the recognition possible.
  2. Winners are chosen by the executive team.
  3. Your resource must meet the minimum requirements to be posted live. That pretty much means it needs to be valuable, relevant. and accurate!
  4. Umm, that’s it…

Content End Date

The contest will end on August 1st 2016. By that time you must have submitted your resource to our team in order to be considered eligable for the contest.

Enter into the contest by filling out this form, then Brett Kestenbaum, DPT will reach out to you to chat!


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