New Grad Physical Therapist Essential Resources

Dear Class of 2017,

Finally! You’re about to finish physical therapy school. Congrats on reaching this incredible milestone in your life! Not only have you obtained your graduate degree, you’ve completed countless years of traditional “schooling.” From this point on, the world is your blank canvas, and the picture to paint is entirely up to you.

We have seen some new grads flourish, while others stay stagnant in their careers. We firmly believe this is a conscious choice and one that only you control. Some of you reading this will start your own physical therapy clinics. Others might work as staff physical therapists in various settings, or take a few per diem SNF jobs to pay off your loans. Still others will choose traveling physical therapy, with all its adventures! And some of you might even choose to leverage your degrees in non-clinical settings.

The choice is yours, but one thing is for sure: Whatever you choose, be sure it makes you happy. Life is short, and life is precious. Enjoy it, but also live it wisely and carefully. This page contains an overview of some of the articles and resources that you might find particularly helpful as you embark on your professional journey. If there are any specific questions you have, just reply in the comments, and we can chat with you there! Congratulations on graduation!

– Brett and Meredith, co-founders of

This is just a sampling of the resources we have created to support your successful transition from student to clinician. Please spend some time browsing the site. If we’re missing topics you’re hungry for us to cover, please comment below and we’ll get you the right info ASAP!

Financial health and student loan repayment:

NPTE board exams:

Licensing and compliance:

Practice settings:

Treatment/clinician success:

Job search tools:

Career success:

Non-traditional career paths:

Advanced studies resources:

Networking and social media:

Student success:

Work-life balance resources:

How to land your first job after PT school (free downloadable e-book from our sponsor, CovalentCareers)

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