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You need to learn more about Diazepam safety before you decided to buy this powerful anti-anxiety medication. Diazepam (also known as generic Valium) belongs to benzodiazepines drug class. This medicine is being used for treatment of anxiety disorders and is said to have sedative and hypnotic effect because it affects a few chemicals in the brain. 

Whether you choose real or generic Diazepam, this guide will help you understand its benefits and potential risks, allowing you to make well-informed decisions about your health.

What is Diazepam?

Diazepam is a benzodiazepine derivative that is commonly used for its Central Nervous System depressant properties. Diazepam is prescribed to treat anxiety, insomnia, and withdrawal symptoms of alcohol and opiates. Apart from its medicinal use, diazepam is a highly addictive drug that triggers the activity of Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA). GABA is a neurotransmitter that calms the nerve impulses causing a feeling of relaxation, sleepiness, reduced anxiety, and relaxation of muscles. Diazepam addiction occurs after recreational abuse to achieve 'high' or prolonged exposure to drug among patients. 

What is the difference between Diazepam and Valium?

Diazepam is marketed as Valium and is an anti-anxiety and anti-panic drug. Valium is used to treat insomnia, seizures, muscle spasm, and alcohol and benzodiazepine withdrawal etc. Valium is a highly addictive drug and needs to be taken under doctor's prescription. Valium affects kidneys and liver, and patients with kidney or liver problems need to inform doctors before taking this drug. Valium should not be administered after mixing it with alcohol which could trigger an epileptic attack. Pregnant women should also avoid this drug as it can cause harm to baby. 

Why is Diazepam presribed?

Diazepam is widely used for their anxiolytics (anti-anxiety) properties. It is effectively used to reduce the anxiety and agitation that occur in psychiatric illness and bipolar affecting disorder. Diazepam is also used to treat insomnia, night terrors, and sleep walking among children. It is suitable for short term treatment of insomnia as it can cause strong addiction after long term use. It is also used to treat convulsions and seizures as the increased activity of GABA in brain helps calm electric nerve activity. Diazepam is also used to control muscle spasm due to poisoning or tetanus. It is also used as sedative to calm the patient before surgery or dental treatment. It is also given to alcoholics to cope with acute alcohol withdrawal symptoms. 

Is Diazepam addictive?

Diazepam can cause addiction when administered for prolonged period. Addiction can occur after recreational use or when a person is exposed to diazepam for a prolonged period. People abuse diazepam for the 'high' they get after consuming it. The 'high' is characterized by feeling energetic, relaxed, pleasure, euphoria etc. Diazepam is normally taken orally in the form of tablets, intravenously, or intranasally. Diazepam abuse can result in health complications like blackouts, memory loss, abscesses, deep vein thrombosis, hepatitis B and C, and cause HIV infection etc. 

Diazepam precautions

The problem with diazepam is that it is a habit forming drug and hence it needs to be used by the person only to whom it was prescribed. Remember, you should not share diazepam with someone else, especially if they have a history of addiction or drug abuse. The medicine should be kept in a place which is safe and secure where others will not be able to access it. Those who have allergies to diazepam should not use the drug. You may not use diazepam in case you have the following:

Myasthenia gravis which is a disorder of weak muscles

Severe liver diseases

Severe breathing trouble

Narrow angle glaucoma

Sleep apnea where your breath stops during sleep

A dose adjustment may be required if there are certain medical conditions that you have. You may even require taking special medical tests before taking diazepam safely. Before consuming diazepam, it is best to inform your physician if you have allergic reactions towards certain medications or if you have the following conditions:

Asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, breathing problems or CORD chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder


Liver or kidney diseases

Seizures or epilepsy

History of depression, suicidal behavior or thoughts, mental illness or

History of alcohol or drug addiction

Diazepam might lead to birth problems in an unborn child. Hence, pregnant moms are advised against using the drug. Hence, it is best to inform your doctor in case you become pregnant in the process of treatment. You should use an efficient birth control contraceptive while you have been prescribed with the medication. Diazepam has the problem of passing into the breast milk and affects the nursing baby. You should abstain from using the medication without informing your general practitioner if you are breastfeeding during the time.

The sedative influences of diazepam may take a longer time to last for older adults. Elderly patients are likely to encounter accidental falls while taking the benzodiazepines. This is why you should be careful in avoiding accidental injuries or falls while under the medication. This medication should not be prescribed to kids who are less than 6 months of age.

Where to buy Diazepam?

There are two main ways of how to buy Diazepam, which are via brick & mortar drugstores or online. The first option normally requires a valid prescription from a physician. However, purchasing it through the internet is the best way to obtain cheap Diazepam or generic Diazepam pills. This is because these websites are supplied directly by the manufacturers, which results in much lower costs to consumers ( 3– 4 times less than brick & mortar pharmacies). Most of the reputable online outlets for Diazepam don’t require a prescription. Generally speaking, it is wiser to place big orders that will enable you to access substantial discounts and in some cases, even free shipping.

Can I buy Diazepam without prescription?

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About the author: Dr. Jared Vagy is a Physical Therapist, a professor at the University of Southern California (USC) and an authority on climbing related injuries. He received his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from USC. He is board certified as an Orthopedic Clinical Specialist from the American Physical Therapy Association. He has over ten years of climbing experience and has climbed all over the world. Climbing and injury prevention are his passions and he is committed to combining the two.



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