non clinical physical therapy jobs
Not feeling patient care? Never fear - you have plenty of other options!

8 Non-Clinical Jobs for Physical Therapists

Not every physical therapist wants to work as a treating clinician forever. Maybe you developed a bad back or perhaps you catch every little bug your patients have. Maybe you’re so worn out at the end of the day, you don’t have the energy to be present for your family’s needs. You may simply detest patient care! Physical therapy can be physically and mentally taxing, and not every PT finds that patient care is the right place for them.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting a change, even if you’re a new grad physical therapist. We all chose physical therapy for many reasons, and for some of us, those reasons include flexibility and career growth opportunities.

This article details 8 career opportunities for PTs who are considering a serious career overhaul, and a description of how to get there.

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About Meredith Victor Castin

Meredith Victor Castin
Meredith is the co-founder of and the founder of The Non-Clinical PT. She is originally from Tyler, TX and attended UPenn for undergrad, before graduating with her DPT from USA (San Diego) in 2010. She has worked in outpatient ortho, inpatient rehab, acute care, and home health. She loves spending time with her husband and 3 cats, and enjoys creating art and weird music.


  1. Shweta s

    These sound exciting!!. I am interested in tutoring /teaching.

    • Kevin Prue

      Thanks Shweta, I am actually teaching my first course this semester. Had to be persistent in contacting programs to see if they needed any help, and it took about a year for something to come to fruition, but I’m pretty excited. So if teaching is something you want to do, keep pursuing it until you find something that’s a good fit.

  2. Pete Terilli

    I love the idea of part time liasion/part time PT. Where does one get more information on this form of employment?

    • Brett Kestenbaum

      Hey Pete! How’s everything going? I wanted to make sure to get back to you quickly, however Meredith will be best to answer your question. I’ll shoot her a message to let her know.

    • Meredith Victor Castin

      Hi, Pete!

      Thanks for your comment. Liaison work is great! You still get to use your PT degree and you can enjoy the patient education component of PT, but you don’t have the strain on your body that you’d get in patient care. I definitely recommend it as a good next step if you’re ready to take a break from FT patient care. I initially learned about it by googling the job terms (“rehab liaison”, “intake liaison”, etc.), but if you want more info, or would like to chat about it in detail, just hit me up! You can send me a private message on here, or you can ask questions on here directly.

      Just an FYI…it’s the type of job where “who you know” will be very valuable. If you go to apply to a liaison job and have worked in multiple acute care facilities (or LTACs) in the area, you will be a very appealing candidate. If you already have relationships with MDs and case managers in such facilities, it will be worth gold! But if you don’t have that, don’t sweat…experience working as a PT in an inpatient rehab setting is probably equally important. Again, just hit me up if you want more info! Good luck!

      Meredith 🙂

      • Serena Zea

        Hi Meredith!!!!

        I would love to talk with you about this rehab liaison position to find out more details. I am a PT with over 20 years experience in every area except pediatrics and the school system. I am wanting to change careers and would love to pick your brain…I would love to talk with you over the phone briefly whenever convenient for you or if email works best how do I send you private messages?
        Thank you for your time in advance. I look forward to speaking with you!

  3. Taylor Rossi

    Hi Meredith!
    Great article; thanks for all the great info! I’m really interested in delving into health writing. I want to start a blog asap, but not sure what platform or site to use. Any suggestions for blogs?
    Thank you!

    • Meredith Victor Castin

      Hi Taylor! Health writing is my jam! Definitely check out this article about how to become a copywriter and contact me through that site if you have any questions. I blog using WordPress, but I have a background in HTML and enjoy tinkering with the settings on WordPress. If you want a super easy option where you can just write and hit publish, I’ve heard really good things about Wix. The main thing is to pick a topic and then write about it as often as you can, and on as many verticals as you can. Have all the places where you publish your work link back to your main blog. Also, CovalentCareers occasionally has job listings for writers. Be sure to reach out and explore those roles when they pop up!

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