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Hey, NGPT readers!

Thanks for taking a second to complete our short, 4 min user survey. Your feedback is going to help us create all of our free content, videos, ebooks and resources for 2017 and 2018!

In exchange, we’re giving away $500 of Starbucks Gift Cards to incentivize our readers to complete the short, 4-minute survey. That’s one hundred $5.00 gift cards for you guys! Just complete the survey, and we will randomly pick 100 people and e-mail you a digital Starbucks Gift Card within 48 hours.

Your chances of winning? Pretty high… Let’s do some math

  • We have roughly 8,000 members on the email list
  • Our average industry click rate is about 4.8% or so
  • That means about 384 people will click the link
  • Probably 50% will actually complete the study
  • That means only 192 people will finish the study
  • That means you have a 52.083% chance of getting the Starbucks Gift Card, lol

BTW, we are aiming for $2,500 in giveaways this year so help us push it to the limit!

Thanks for being a member of NGPT, whether you’re a new reader or if you’ve been with us since day one!

Brett Kestenbaum PT, DPT and Meredith Castin PT, DPT
Founders, 🙂

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About Meredith Victor Castin

Meredith Victor Castin
Meredith is the co-founder of and the founder of The Non-Clinical PT. She is originally from Tyler, TX and attended UPenn for undergrad, before graduating with her DPT from USA (San Diego) in 2010. She has worked in outpatient ortho, inpatient rehab, acute care, and home health. She loves spending time with her husband and 3 cats, and enjoys creating art and weird music.

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