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The #1 Thing All Physical Therapists Need to Know

Being a physical therapist is incredible!

We have a wealth of knowledge and a skill set that is dynamic and flexible. We can help patients recover from a motor vehicle accident, or help develop performance athletes into world class olympians.

Although our career is awesome, physical therapists are also faced with a very specific hardship because of the climate of education and healthcare – growing student debt disproportionate to our earnings. That being said, there are a lot of opportunities for physical therapists because of the aforementioned knowledge and skill set which we have.

To take advantage of these opportunities, however we need to learn how to get the public to know about us both from an individuals standpoint, and as a professions. How do we do this?

You guessed it – MARKETING!

Lets face it.

Chiropractors, physicians, and, I hate to say it, personal trainers CRUSH us when it comes to the ability to market. Why is that you may ask? One thing is for sure – the education that we receive in school covers marketing for about 30 seconds.

We need to learn this crucial skill so that we can grow as a profession. If no one knows we are the most qualified in the world for enhancing performance, or treating pain, or rehabbing injury – then how are they going to end up in your office, and how are you going to make more money?

This video discusses the importance of learning how to market and why we as a profession need to embrace it.

If you want more specific videos like this, let me know in the comments!


About Brett Kestenbaum

As a physical therapist myself, I understand the general struggles of life after graduation, and the importance of focused attention on our patients. As vice president of New Grad Media, and Head of Growth at, I am afforded the opportunity to connect with thousands of physical therapists around the country. My goal is to improve the accessibility of information and careers for healthcare practitioners. Feel free to message me at any time! Always happy to connect.


  1. Hey Brett, thanks for the video! I’m finishing my MSc PT degree this year (Canadian studying in the UK) and have recently created a social media account to share PT-related information. My program doesn’t include any business education whatsoever and I’m really interested in knowing which resources you would recommend for a soon-to-be-physio looking to work in a private orthopaedic clinical setting once I graduate. Looking forward to reading your suggestions! Another video with a few techniques would be great too.

    • Thanks for watching, Elaine and congrats on the upcoming graduation!! I am not familiar with the business side of PT in the UK, or how it would vary from the way things are done in the US. MY guess would be there are differences, especially due to reimbursement and insurance-based models. I can certainly, however come up with some more videos for you. What topics specifically would you like to learn more about?

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